Thursday 5 July

Culture Day. Started with Porpoises in the bay and a pair of moose silhouetted on the ridge above the village then spent the morning examining the Viking site at l’Anse-aux-Meadows which was rather special. An excellent interpreter showed us the about and then we were away … added excitement of a Short-eared Owl.

Afternoon devoted to the Grenfell Mission – sort of interesting and historically significant but not a big part of the week for us. However, out to Fishers Point next and fabulous Bakeapple (cloudberry) cheesecake plus a huge iceberg plus terrific photo opportunities with Hump-backed Whales.

After dinner, a walk up the hill behind the village had us wading through enough moose scat to make a small moose out of. At least ten more whales passed in the bay heading south – five birders all staring at whales had to be turned around and pointed to a pair of gorgeous White-crowned Sparrows not six feet behind us singing their hearts out.

And so to bed. Tomorrow is the last day of the trip.

Not a specifically birdy day, but we did see Gray Jay, Northern Harrier, Robins, Fox Sparrow, assorted Gulls, White-crowned Sparrows, Ravens, Wilson’s Warbler, Common Redpoll, Short-eared Owl.