For the last few weeks we have been posting a weekly summary of the daily 1000 Species Project posts that hitherto we have been sharing on Facebook …

This project seems to be developing a good and reliable following (at least on Facebook where there are 50 named followers and growing) and so the past few days have been spent happily creating a brand new, shiny website, the better to share and archive the 1000 Species and on which they will henceforth first appear each day.

Please visit and bookmark:

… What’s more, if you would like to join the 50+ followers mentioned above, you can register an email address with the site and get a little bit of joy in your inbox each day as a new species pops up. It has to be said that for the next few months the species will be primarily those seen in our garden and immediate neighbourhood which, for us, makes it just a little more interesting.

Needless to say, the species will continue to appear daily on –



The new website will make it much easier as time goes on to search for and find species of interest and also allows the presentation of better quality photographs as FB drastically compresses and degrades originals.

The species from the past seven days, if you would like to check back, are all on the web page linked to above.

Meanwhile the rain has stopped – time to go for a socially distant walk to the river.