We have been hearing and occasionally seeing Carolina Wrens around the garden for some weeks now but they come and go very quickly and mostly like to skulk, scolding the world from safety (well, they are wrens).

This weekend they seem to have kicked the youngsters out of the nest and told them to fend for themselves … which they have done by visiting our feeders, mostly concentrating on the peanuts.  From a photographic point of view, once the leave the feeders they disappear into deep, dark shady foliage where it is almost impossible to locate them with precision, let alone get photographs.  Either way, the garden has produced a small crop of Carolina Wrens, one of the newcomers to the area as the world warms up. Regular followers of this journal will already know that we have been seeing them off and on for some years, mostly in winter but now they seem to be doing what we always hope they would do and making new Wrens for the future.

Here are some of today’s photographs –

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