It was a quiet weekend and somewhat damp on Saturday so I finally got around to something I should have done a couple of years ago and started work on the Sisyphean task of cleaning out the study … in the process of which I found a couple of old photo albums I picked up years ago when visiting aged relatives in Leeds.  A bit of scanner and photoshop magic made some of them visible again.  Unfortunately, I have no idea at all who the people in the pictures were, doubtless on the grounds that the compiler of the collection just assumed that anyone looking at them would know – not the right attitude for future archivists!

Anyway – GreenBirding, getting out there with person-power alone was a possibility event then so I offer you this dynamic Victorian duo of cycling birders.  I have to say, that if I had to go birding on those heavy chunks of irnmongery, I’d be eagerly awaiting the invention of the internal combustion engine too and devil take climate change.  Note in particular, the natty cycling gear my forebears enjoyed – such an improvement on today’s lycra abominations.