Wish I could think of a better term for this concept – but it will do for now.

Following my expedition at the weekend (see last post) to the Ile-Perrot windmill seeking birds I decided to expand my “Wildlife Circle” from 7 to 7.5km diameter to make sure it is included.  This circle is the area in which I will do my Bigby in 2014 and in which I have some other plans for assorted species spotting and general naturalising all over the place (There’s another book in this?). In making this small change I also noticed that I have managed inadvertently but serendipitously to include a nice bay just off the Montreal island that is a favourite of shore birds in the fall … that will be worth cycling out to check on.

I will create a separate page on the site shortly to explain more about Wildlife Circles but for now, this should explain enough for most people.

This is the area … my official green birding mega-patch