For some 20+ years we both used to dance and play the concertina for Fenstanton Morris, I did a lot of dance teaching too … but then I departed for Canada, life moved on and the birds moved in. On May 4 we were having a short vacation in England and visiting some old friends from those days who arranged for us to spend a happy evening catching up and doing some clumsy dancing (one gets stiff without regular practice). I used to be a good bit fitter when I did this every week and my hair was less white too so now, instead of capering I write about capering.

I know most of my Canadian friends have only the faintest, haziest idea of what English traditional dance forms are all about so, in the spirit of cultural enlightenment, here are a collection of photographs taken that evening together with four videos of the side performing. If anyone wants copies of any of this, just get in touch.

A gallery of photographs follows and after that four videos of Fenstanton Morris in action

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