This is an addition to yesterday’s posting so you might like to scroll down the page and have a look at the pictures posted on Friday evening as well as these few new ones:

First, the climbing rose that was in bud last night came out undr the influence of today’s sunshine. The variety is called “William Baffin” and it is an Explorer series climber that is hardy enough not to need taking from its support and laying on the ground under protective cover as so many such roses do in our climate during the winter. It is now in its third summer and beginning to take off – we have great hopes.

Next, at the back of our work area in a dark corner squashed between a storage chest and a wooden fence is a sad and forgotten Rhododendron – well, this summer it telling us that it hasn’t given up yet:

Quite ao few more lilies are now open in the pond

lastly, the insect of the day. Some sort of hover fly I guess but this time I don’t have a species name for it – anyone care to make a suggestion?

We now have a new area in the garden.  Earlier this week Molly the Fenland cat who came to canada with us from England finally had too many maladies to continue and has ended her days in a small and rather secretive clearing buried deep within one of our perennial and shrub borders surrounded by birch tress, dogwood, ferns, trilliums and an Amelanchier canadensis. This plot has serendipitously been dubbed “Molly’s Dell” in honour of Princess Pushy, her other name.