At last the great work is done and after three summer months labouring in the electronic dungeons the new, modernized, efficient, easy to use Bird Protection Quebec website (version 5) was rolled out to an adoring and respectful public on Saturday after which the weekend consisted of working in the garden in gorgeous, if acold, sunshine and NOT seeing the Pileated Woodpecker that was sitting in our Butternut tree and flew off as I approached … number 76 on the garden year-list.


The Feederwatch season started this weekend and kicked off with a respectable 13 species in the garden, including that PIWO.  There are some winter finches and Pine Siskins being seen in the area already so we can expect them to visit us before too long. Ice was present all along the edges of the pond despite the waterfall still being in operation … can I delay getting the car fitted with its winter tires much longer?  Probably, but I shouldn’t.


Snow Geese and some interesting ducks, including a Long-tail, are being reported near here now so next weekend may involve a tour of some riversides and lakeshores within a short drive to see what’s around.