Deep in the Huntingdonshire fenland to the north of Huntingdon town is an often bypassed somewhat smaller town sitting on an “island” that is raised above the marshes somewhat like the Isle of Ely but rather less well visited. It is called Mirkmere or, more formally, Mirkmere-in-the-Fen

Dragging itself rather reluctantly into the modern age, the Town Council recently requested the Mirkmere Historical and Natural Philiosophy Society (MHNPS) to create a website that would remind the world that we exist … and this, for better or for worse, is it. It is intentionally an eclectic hodge-podge of arcane information rather than a sleek and efficient piece of internet magic but if you wander the by-ways we have created you will discover something about our small community and maybe  find that you wish to visit some day – heaven knows, we need the business.

* The links on the menu above will tell you more than you need to know about us.

Mirkmere offers the visitor a quiet, calm experience away from both the hurly and the burly of daily life, comfortable accomodations, the beers of Fuddles Brewery and some unique traditions, premier amongst which are the traditional dances of the Mirkmere Morris. Come and stay awhile … the ferryman is waiting to bring you across.