Golden Light

Three years ago a group of Arboretum volunteers created the “Canada 150 Trail” to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the creation of Canada.Quite by chance it was found this year that the Birch Alley that forms part of the trail is directly oriented towards the setting sun for the few days around mid-summer’s day, the Summer Equinox.

These are the four best pictures of the many dozens I took while adjusting settings on the camera, changing lenses and generally trying hard to defeat the wish of the camera’s internal brain to average out the light levels (dynamic range) which, as you can see, were extreme. The ones I finally chose were all manual settings in which pretty well everything automatic was overridden. Good fun.

Absolutely NO adjustments to the colour saturation was made in preparing these photographs – these colours are what our eyes saw. Well, what our eyes saw through the clouds of ravenous mosquitoes, that is 😉