Spending a couple of weeks in England doing social and family stuff but the binoculars and field guides are with us, as always, for those times when time permits … Thus far, however the main birding  – if you can call it that – seems to be the sight of Magpies everywhere … Magpies being these chaps : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magpie

For those not up on Eurobirds, the Magpie is a fine, intelligent and smart black and white bird but it seems they are taking over the world. Certainly they have taken over from House Sparrows as the Pre-eminent species that you see around human habitation. Must read up on this … are they ally spree reading in numbers or is it just a result of a diminution in numbers of other species?  More on this in future days.

Elsewhere there is much tree blossom and early breaking leaves and general greenery which we won’t see at home before the end of the month.  Two bites at the cherry.