Well, it is now official.  Environment Canada have stated that there will be no snow between now and Christmas … freezing rain (tomorrow), by all means but no snow.  This is not a disaster but it is a disappointment, it is not part of the “contract” we made with Canada when we immigrated here and it is not going to be well viewed by all those garden plants that are usually hiding from the -12 or lower night-time temperatures under an insulating blanket of snow.  We shall see what the damage is comes the spring.  I doubt that Canada opting out of the Kyoto agreement last week is directly at the root of this strange weather but it is part of the planet-wide cause, that’s for certain. 

I am still dithering about whether or not to attempt another Bigby (Big Green Big Year) during 2012.  I would like to, but I am not sure that I will be able to put heart and soul into it while having to spend time sorting the ravages of the so-called winter on the garden come the warmer weather.  I am coming to conclude  that clearly when life involves full time employment, birding and gardening only two of the three pastimes can be accommodated.  This is not good but 2013 and retirement are not all that far away.   Anyway, no need to make a decision before January first.

Meanwhile, here is a cartoon that amused this particular pathologist: