We are now into February and the Big Green Big Year (www.sparroworks.ca/bigby.html) is progressing … due to the climate up here to a “magnificent” 20 species on my part and 25 for J who gets out more than I do. There is a Pileated Woodpecker in the neighbourhood that she keeps seeing but which evades me constantly – soon, I tell myself.

The registered Bigbyists are now past 230 and there is growing evidence of a larger community developing, some of which don’t feel the need to register. This is OK, but it would be nice to have their names and be able to use them to augment the number counter on the Bigby web page – it is a quite an advertisement for the movement.

What is particularly interesting from reading the postings by people dioing this is how many unsuspected birds are being spotted close to people’s homes which they didn’t know were there simply because they used to go out birding by car to a destination birding site. This is really extending the feederwatch principle to a year-round exercise and I can’t help but think it’s a good thing. Maybe time to take to those good folk at BSC and Cornell.