This is the third year in which the only mowing of what was once the lawn will be restricted to simply mowing access paths. This page will share a small number of general views of the garden as it develops through the year – a record for anyone interested.

(** If viewing on a smartphone it is best to view the page in landscape orientation)

6 May

Still cool at nights and while the days enjoy warm sunshine there are still cold northerly winds. The grasses are starting to grow and the early leaves of specimen plants are now evident. Perhaps the best spring we have every had for violets – is that because of not mowing the previous year or is it the weather this spring? The two trees in blossom are Amelanchier canadensis on the lest and a sour cherry on the right.

12 May

Starting to warm up with night temperatures rising a bit and days in the mid-teens. Mostly dry. Sour cherry tree in full blossom. Various native flower in the lengthening grass putting on good leaf growth and the violets are a splendid as we have ever seen them. Baltimor Oriole singing for several minutes form the maple tree.

22 May

Very warm week with temperatures up to 30C and quite high humidity but no rain. The many flowering plants in the mead are goring apace and putting on quite large leaves. Forget-me-not provides blue background drifts. Flowers on the dogwoods, viburnum and elder. Trees in full summer leaf. This is the most interesting the “new garden has been since we started this style of management.

20 June

Mid-summer day – several hot and steamy days and storms forecast for tomorrow. The plants are growing apace and flowers and the promise of flowers are finally showing themselves. Several new native plants have been acquired and planted amongst the old stages to impress us in years to come. The second picture gives a rabbit’s-eye view along one of the mown paths while the first shows “aesthetically placed” terracotta pots.