Maintaining the gardening theme, here are today’s new appearances:

By way of an experiment, I am inserting them into the post as a “gallery” rather than as individual images – those that appeal to you will magically enlarge when you click on them.

Left to right/top to bottom you should see

a) Peony

b) What we used believe was Thimbleberry but which is actually a wild north-American raspberry.  It does produce small raspberry like fruit that the birds enjoy but mostly is grown for these big, blowsy pink flowers which appear over an extended period.  The plant is quite a thug – we started with a few in a bordeer which they promptly took over so they have been forcibly evicted and now live with the frens under the larch tree in our ‘native plant corner”

c) Oenothera – or evening primrose

d) A non-climbing, climbing rose that has decided it prefers life as a shrub – nice flowers however, it can stay

e) A scrappy rose that we cannot kill.  We inhgerited this with the garden, have moved it many times, it has looked like the frost has killed most winters yet still it produces flowers.  it can stay too.