Two Carolina Wrens (VIDEO)

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Two Carolina Wrens (VIDEO)

Right at the very northernmost limit of their range, two Carolina Wrens are settling in for winter in a garden west of Montreal. A serendipitous snatch of hand-held video.

** The first Wren appears from behind the dark chain-mesh feeder at about 12s and the second flies in to join it at 30s. I suggest you enlarge the video to full screen by clicking the icon bottom right of the YouTube screen.

The map below shows sightings of Carolina Wrens in Montreal this November … as you can see, not many at all. I do know of one other about 2km east of here but it has doesn’t seem to have been posted to eBird so doesn’t show on this map.

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  1. Laura Holland November 27, 2018 at 11:24

    Thank you for the video.. I saw these little wrens last year at my birdfeeder here in Baie d’Urfe. didn’t know this was what they were called!! will keep a keener eye looking out for them.

  2. richard November 27, 2018 at 11:29

    That’s good news Laura. This species (not to be confused with the commoner House and Winter Wrens), are quite common down in the US but only appeared in very small numbers in Montreal a few years ago, probably helped by climate change. They don’t migrate and rely on good feeders to get them through our winters. Now established here, but rare.

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