Garden Portraits

Garden Portraits – a new venture

I like gardening and I enjoy taking pictures of gardens. Recently I composed a couple of “Garden Portraits” of friends’ gardens and it occurred to me (and to the owners of the gardens) that others might like to have their own gardens celebrated in similar fashion.

Maybe you would like to have a garden portrait?

I am offering to put a portrait together for anyone with a square foot of growing space that pleases them. For friends it’s free, for others I will charge a moderate fee which will be donated to Nature Conservancy Canada.

** Have a look at what I am offering on this page: https://sparroworks.ca/journal/garden-portraits/

You will get a web portrait similar to these samples plus a set of print-quality digital files that you can use as you wish – to print, to share on your computer/phone/tablet or to put into an album (I can suggest reliable companies who make these) that would make nice souvenir gifts for friends.

Interested? Get in touch at greenbirding@gmail.com – no commitment, let’s talk.

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Garden Portraits

Gardens we have enjoyed and gardens we have been asked to create a portrait of. How about a portrait of your garden?

Garden Portraits
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