The Weekly Views (14-20 January 2018)

A few images from the past seven days ... and that's all (Click any thumbnail below to see images at full size) ** There is no journal entry from the wildlife garden this week ... too much snow, too much winter, not much new to tell you about. Normal service will be resumed before [...]

2018-01-20T12:21:44+00:00Saturday, January 20, 2018|

Not a Productive Gardening Week

Really this has been a dreadful week for the gardening-inclined. On Monday we had beautiful deep and fluffy snow and temperatures down in the minus-twenties. Nice to look at and the sky was blue but not gardening weather beyond getting out the shovel and digging paths through the snow to clear access to the [...]

2018-01-13T15:00:34+00:00Saturday, January 13, 2018|

Starting the year – thoughts on bird feeding

(1) The value of wildlife gardens And so we come to a new gardening year and more opportunities for making our own small or large home patches welcoming to wildlife. We will get to what has been happening in this garden shortly (snow mostly ) but it’s an opportune time for us to pause [...]

2018-01-06T12:44:37+00:00Saturday, January 6, 2018|

A Cold Québec Morning

We were censusing birds on the annual Hudson Christmas Bird Count today ... -24C at one point and windchill around -32C. So cold that the birds were hunkered down and hard to find, though we did manage to "bag" one Snowy Owl and a small distant group of Snow Buntungs - always our "target [...]

2017-12-27T16:17:42+00:00Wednesday, December 27, 2017|

Merry Christmas … from the Garden People to the Garden People

You will be receiving this on Christmas Eve … whether you pause to read it immediately is another matter but whether you do or not Jean and I wish you all, gardeners, wildlife gardeners or just occasional visitors, all the best for Christmas and the days and months that follow. Apart from one faithful [...]

2017-12-24T13:14:07+00:00Saturday, December 23, 2017|

Now the Days get Longer

11:28 am Thursday 21 December is the exact time of the Winter Solstice after which the daylight hours gradually increase day by day until suddenly it will be spring. Something to celebrate. "Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a [...]

2017-12-20T14:19:36+00:00Thursday, December 21, 2017|

The garden has pulled up its blanket

Well, that’s is finally that. A small fall of snow last Sunday followed by a mid-week twenty-four hour dump and we think we can say that the gardening season is over and now we can just look forward to welcoming and commenting on the visits by our birds and squirrels and other neighbourhood creatures. The [...]

2017-12-16T20:00:34+00:00Saturday, December 16, 2017|

“Blustery” Day

Yesterday we had the first big snow dump and today we have -12C temperatures which, with windchill, amount to an effective -22C. That, be assured, means I was perhaps the only person out there enjoying the fresh air ... c'est frisquet as they would say around here. I suffer for my art so you get [...]

2017-12-13T17:39:38+00:00Wednesday, December 13, 2017|

Two Trees

A thin coating of snow this morning put these two - much photographed by me - trees into stark focus beside the St-Lawrence this morning. Natural colour, not a smidgeon of B&W transformation at all. Sony RX10m3 camera - 24mm lens ISO 100 1/640s f4

2017-12-10T16:13:26+00:00Sunday, December 10, 2017|

Quiet times

A quiet week in the garden with several cold nights, very cold nights to make everything keep its collective head down. Nevertheless, signs of approaching spring with birds such as the American Crows and Northern Cardinals making obvious signs of looking around for mates and nesting sites to make more American Crows and Northern [...]

2017-02-04T18:26:07+00:00Saturday, February 4, 2017|