Pondering on Spring Tasks

Spring approaches To Ponder ... "to consider or examine attentively or deliberately. Ponder implies a careful weighing of a problem or, often, prolonged inconclusive thinking about a matter." Mr. Badger here. At last we are into March, next weekend the clocks go forward and soon my customary winter hibernation will be broken by warmer [...]

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Suddenly Spring is Springing

We returned earlier in the week from a couple of weeks in very-springy England to find that there were few leaves on the trees here but that garden buds were swelling. Now, four days later you can almost watch the leaves pinging open, change is happening so fast. The grass is visibly growing and [...]

2018-06-14T17:40:05-05:00Saturday, May 12, 2018|

Season turning time in the Garden

The seasons are now finally turning in reality and just as written in stone on the calendar. Pretty cold start of the week and a day of quite heavy freezing rain (latest FR in Montreal for 70 years apparently) but things started to warm up by Friday and better still as this is written [...]

2018-04-21T16:55:12-05:00Saturday, April 21, 2018|

First Week of April

This week the garden is hanging onto the cusp between late winter and (very) early spring - the sun, when it appears, is quite warm but the air is not at all warm and when the wind blows, especially off the river which is still frozen, it is decidedly cold. Last week we wrote [...]

2018-04-08T11:24:03-05:00Saturday, April 7, 2018|

Galanthophilia, crocuses, birds … and some other signs of spring

There have been "signs" of hopefully approaching spring for a couple of weeks but now as March ends there are genuine signs which nobody can ignore. For a start, there is considerable melting of the snow and free water in the garden pond, the sun has genuine warmth in it even if the air [...]

2018-04-01T07:26:28-05:00Saturday, March 31, 2018|

Spring … sort of

Spring arrived this week around 12:30pm on the 20th, to be exact. The vernal equinox. It was also -8C that day and plenty of snow, albeit thinning snow, on the ground. The current weather forecast predicts several centimetres more snow in a week or so and a generally cold April to come. On the [...]

2018-03-25T11:13:48-05:00Saturday, March 24, 2018|

First Snowdrop

This deserves a post all to itself ... In the the final days of February 2017 the first SNOWDROP appeared in the garden. This year, despite careful looking, we didn't see any signs of snowdrop growth until Monday 5 March but as soon as the partial thaw had reduced the snow under the Katsura [...]

2018-03-09T13:11:35-05:00Monday, March 5, 2018|

Crocuses and an Errant Rabbit

This week started off almost 20C warmer than just a week ago - the seasonal changes are so fast in North America, almost like throwing a switch to turn the lights on.  Many crocuses around this week ... splendid splashes of colour and very welcome, but on the other hand: You might think that [...]

2017-04-15T16:26:38-05:00Friday, April 14, 2017|

Cardinal Carnival

What a difference … although it's due to cool down a bit next week, this week has seen temperatures soaring (13C on the day this is being written) to levels so far above normal for the date that it is clear “something is going on”. Well, we know what, climate change and an excess [...]

2017-02-25T11:46:55-05:00Friday, February 24, 2017|

First Snowdrops

The first signs of spring are always the first snowdrops (perces-neiges) pushing their through the snow - or in this case the ice. This is perhaps a couple of weeks or so earlier than the norm due to El Nino and climate change. Good to see them anyway.  

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