Misty Morning at Kenauk

Entrance to Lac Hidden Every now and again I am going to post a photograph "from the archives". This was taken in 2011 from the dock of a cabin we rented every September at Kenauk for a few days fishing, birding, botanising, lazing. We haven't been for two or three years after an unbroken [...]

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Kenauk from above

Keen followers of this journal, of whom there are there are “several”, may have noticed that every September we return for a few days in the Kenauk reserve and you will have seen more than enough scenic photographs of the place by that we have taken over the years. Brace yourselves, there will be more [...]

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Kenauk 2012 – the synopsis

Kenauk 2012 The best place on earth(worth noting that this is a somewhat 'manipulated' image ... but you will get the feeling for the place) Anyone familiar with my jottings will be only too well aware, and possibly somewhat bored with mentions of our annual September visits to a remarkable place called Kenauk. [...]

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The Buchaneers go to Kenauk : September 11-16th 2010

A note for our regular readers ... This lengthy entry is more by way of a personal diary than an example of eloquently blogged travellers tales for the cognoscenti but if the text is a little tedious (which it won't be) we hope that the (many) photographs will more than compensate. The format is as [...]

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Kenauk 2009

Short intro … This journal has often referred to Kenauk and we keep being asked about it. Kenauk is the largest private wildlife reserve in Canada and only an hour from home, half way between Montreal and Ottawa … which makes it very attractive in itself, even more so when you realise that [...]

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