Early Winter Flowers

November 1 - what's still in flower? Long ago (long, long ago) we used to walk around our various gardens back in England making a note of the flowers in bloom on Christmas Day. Not a lot of point in doing that in Montreal but we did go for 1st November walk today and [...]

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On Gardening …

The Glory of the Garden Thanks to a good gardener friend in England, Penny, for drawing our attention to this excellent piece of Kiplingiana ... the plaque in the featured image is to be found at Gunby Hall, a National Trust property in Lincolnshire. OUR England is a garden that is full of stately views, [...]

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Upgrading the (Famous) Bird Pond

Making the pond more attractive ... to birds as well as ourselves Almost as long as J and I have been gardening here, say 20 years, we have had a pond. My back still remembers digging the hole one very hot and dry summer at a rate of about ten shovels-full a day after [...]

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Garden Splendours

Time for a short update to the wildlife garden notes … some recent observations: Firstly, after 20 years in the garden we have finally recorded the visit of a chipmunk that was, what else, investigating the ground under the bird feeders. Interestingly, a recent discussion on a town residents' Facebook group was about recent [...]

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Catalpa Tree Flowers

"A tree full of orchids" The Catapla tree is such showy thing when in bloom that is is hard to believe that it is not a native species - this sort of thing is usually imported horticultural folly. Nevertheless, we need have no qualms about having one in our wildlife garden - though it [...]

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Asclepis syriaca The common milkweed plants that we raised from seed over the past couple of years have really established themselves now - one clump in front of the hose and one at the back. In the past few days the flowers have started to open and we are hoping for the arrival of [...]

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Sunday’s Flowers (10 June)

Second week of June and the flowers are opening all around the garden ... (click on any thumbnail to open the gallery up to full size) Subscribe to the newsletter

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Anemone canadensis

Anemone canadensis From a small garden group of this delightful native flowering plant Copyright © All images are made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 Canada (CC BY-NC-ND 2.5 CA) License … which really just means that you are very welcome to share and [...]

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Garden Birds in May

The Rose-breasted Grosbeak first seen the week before stuck around for several days, coming several times to the feeders and to take a bath in the pond. Mammals were active with a baby rabbit appearing (nibble those dandelions young rabbit, earn your keep) and a skunk wombled through one evening, moving just fast enough [...]

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Suddenly Spring is Springing

We returned earlier in the week from a couple of weeks in very-springy England to find that there were few leaves on the trees here but that garden buds were swelling. Now, four days later you can almost watch the leaves pinging open, change is happening so fast. The grass is visibly growing and [...]

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