Really Good Bread

We are in the depths of winter hereabouts so we are wandering off on a parallel path this week to talk about bread instead of gardens. The garden is under a couple of feet of snow and ice and there’s only so much you can say about feeder-birds to engage one’s audience. When I [...]

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Modified Sourdough Bread Recipe

In England last week I happened across a book for sourdough bread bakers ("Do Sourdough - Slow Bread for Busy Lives" by Andrew Whitley who runs, quote, one of Britain's leading organic bakeries). What's nice about it is that the methods are born of real life commercial practice with a healthy leavening of serious science [...]

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Today in the garden – things are getting underway

After a day spent birding yesterday ( this day, Victoria Day in Canada, has been a day for baking sourdough breads and gardening. We have had some serious rain the last few days but finally it is warm and sunny and you can almost hear and see the flowers growing. This is what it's all [...]

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As loyal followers are aware, we like baking ....

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A transformative experience

I read in the (Observer on-line) newspaper that "Sourdough-production is one of those kitchen routines that's somehow life-affirming and transformative" and also that, compared to mass-produced pap, "Sourdough, by contrast, is bread with immense character, with presence – bread with a point. And that's why I think you might want to have a go at [...]

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Iranian bread (sort of)

We purchased an Iranian flat(ish) bread recently that was so excellent I tried to reproduce it.  What I managed to come up with - and this is a work in progress that has to be refined - was a perfect simulacrum of the original in all respects except that it was most decidedly not flat [...]

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A noicecuppatea … what’s that?

After several years under the banner of "The Way of the Sparrow" the sparroworkers have added "a noicecuppatea" to our journal's headline ... after the fuel that keeps us all going.  On the fridge in our kitchen is a magnet with the immortal reminder that While there is tea, there is hope and it's true.  Nothing [...]

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Bread If I come back as anything more intelligent than a rabbit or a squirrel then I might well decide to be a baker in my next life.  Baking bread is just a lot of fun, you keep out of trouble, you put food on the table and you get to share a bottle of [...]

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Ready for Christmas

No birding today - no time.  Bread to bake, the pond to 'winterise" and the annual comedy show for the neighbours while we put up the Xmas lights before it gets too cold to work with fiddly things.  Three hours the lights took - don't ask - but (Kevin) this year they didn't have to go up [...]

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Bread news and a book

Bread news ... I have started posting a couple of basic and practical bread recipes ion this journal for those who fancy having a go at this addictive pastime.  Look in the menu to the right or the one at top of the page for the special section and have fun. A worrying book ... [...]

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