Summer Flowers … and a Minor Change of Emphasis

It's early July and during this week of unbearably hot weather (many days of >35C with humidex in the low to mid forties) there are some magnificent flowers are blooming at the moment - native and horticultural varieties. The first of this year's lilies are showing well. Pictures further down. As you can see [...]

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A fork in the road

With retirement at the end of the month and more time available for birding and wildlifing of all sorts we have created a parallel blog to handle stuff like that from our local patch. It won't really get going at full steam until mid to late September but it has some pictures on from an [...]

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A new platform for Sparroworks

Having had great success with using Joomla CMS to build the Sparroworks website for the past few years I have been converted to the alternative WordPress platform as a result of moving the Bird Protection Quebec site over to it recently. WP does not have all the bells and whistles of Joomla but it has [...]

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Digital art

I was indirectly led to a very useful app for the iPad (imaginatively called 'paper') - thank you Marie-Anne - that is going to be a lot of fun.  Sketching, writing, water colouring etc with your fingers. Here is the original Green Birder

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Messy Mix and Mousing

On the Weather Network website today they have a red banner marked Storm watch with the added promise of a “messy mix” … a delightful term. Last year we had been puzzled as to why the meteorologists kept forecasting light rain when it was coming down buckets and we asked a (retired) meteorologist friend the [...]

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A whitish sort of day … and “Peak Stuff”

I have just been listening to a very interesting interview this morning on the CBC radio.  It was with a chap (a chap, because he is from the UK) who has written a book about what he calls “Peak Stuff” in which he argues that there is convincing evidence that consumption is tailing off, that [...]

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Freezing rain

Day four of the daily journaling has to be about freezing rain, of which we are forecast to get up to 10mm today.  There is very little to be said about freezing rain except that it is horrible to drive in, dangerous to walk in and the best thing on earth for cleaning your car [...]

2011-12-21T17:29:22+00:00Wednesday, December 21, 2011|

Looking ahead

Well, it is now official.  Environment Canada have stated that there will be no snow between now and Christmas … freezing rain (tomorrow), by all means but no snow.  This is not a disaster but it is a disappointment, it is not part of the “contract” we made with Canada when we immigrated here and [...]

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Note to self … this reanimated web-journal is supposed to serve two purposes.  As an aide-memoire for our declining years and to provide photographs and comment on matters of interest in a manner that  may keep our small, but loyal, readership coming back for more. So – “Don’t be boring”. That could be tricky :) [...]

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