A quiet week with late visitors

A mostly sunny and unusually warm week turning to cloud and some rain on occasion. The seed in the feeders has started to go down again due to the resumption of feeding by the usual suspects such as Blue Jays, Northern Cardinals - lots of them - Black-capped Chickadees and House Finches, the latter [...]

2017-10-14T15:34:31-05:00Saturday, October 14, 2017|

Passing Warblers and Big Bees

The week started with NO Japanese beetles being found and fingers crossed that their season had finally come to an end … it also started with a Bay-breasted Warbler in one of the Rowan trees. Good auguries for the week to come. Monday produced Warbling Vireo, Magnolia and Black-throated Green Warblers and … a [...]

2017-09-09T20:27:20-05:00Saturday, September 9, 2017|

Warblers, Waterfalls and how to make them.

Spring is advancing as it should - perhaps a bit cooler and wetter than the norm, but that is good for the garden plants at least. Bird migration has been somewhat retarded but at last the Warblers and their chums are coming through and some of them are dropping by the garden to say [...]

2017-05-29T10:37:09-05:00Friday, May 26, 2017|

Soggy Days full of interest

The birds are returning and flowers are popping up. March both came and went like a lion with seemingly unending bouts of heavy snow interspersed as the month went on with rain … such a disappointment when there was a warm thaw, albeit brief, in the last few days of February. This week followed [...]

2017-04-09T13:43:08-05:00Saturday, April 8, 2017|

Dopes in Winter

Quite the week for snow as winter finally starts to show signs, albeit very slight signs, of heading towards the end of its run. Days are notably longer and the sun is higher in the sky each morning. All that and it's been a good week for birds ... there are photographs below: Along [...]

2017-02-18T17:40:23-05:00Saturday, February 18, 2017|

Territorial activity and help with identification

“They can cut all the flowers, but they can't stop the spring...”   -   Pablo Neruda. It’s been a messy week in the garden weather-wise. Not terribly cold but a promised snow dump turned out to be a bit of snow with a healthy dose of ice pellets and then rain. We are starting [...]

2017-01-28T14:26:11-05:00Friday, January 27, 2017|

Starting A New Year in the Garden (with wildlife)

New Year's Day 2017 Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbours, and let every new year find you a better man.  Benjamin Franklin … and here we are at last with edition number one of of the Gardening for Wildlife weekly(ish) Journal. If you are new here, we published a test piece [...]

2017-04-09T13:19:40-05:00Friday, December 30, 2016|

Flowers and birds … summer soon

Today we are starting to get the first signs of real movement on the flower and bird front. The bird information is posted on our "other" web-journal at while the flowers are here.    

2014-05-09T15:01:19-05:00Friday, May 9, 2014|

Unusual pairing

Here’s something notable … a couple of days ago (see an earlier posting) we had a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker on one of the garden feeders, a visitor who should have left for the south some time ago. Turns out that late Sapsuckers are being reported in small and scattered numbers in Quebec this year, but it [...]

2013-11-24T09:31:09-05:00Sunday, November 24, 2013|

Juvenile Waxwing

Birds are moving southwards in waves. A flurry of activity in one of our rowan trees revealed itself to be caused by a small group of juvenile Cedar Waxwings while a male juvenile White-throated Sparrow was hopping around the garden pond and a small group of them were, earlier in the day, grubbing by the [...]

2013-09-20T16:48:38-05:00Friday, September 20, 2013|