We have made a small change to the home page of the Journal (https://sparroworks.ca/) to bring the look more in-line with modern design styles … and, let’s be honest, to see if we could manage the techie stuff. Three randomly presented full-screen banner images and parallax page scrolling (not on mobiles) are what it amounts to so don’t get too excited.

And so, still nothing to get excited about in the garden, though the remarkably heavy freezing rain at the beginning of the week did glaze everything over with a thick, thick layer of hard ice through with you can fall with a crunch into the white powder below … or just slide randomly and risk breaking a limb. Our strap-on boot cleats are getting some serious use these days. Perhaps the worst conditions we have known in 20 years living here. The feeders are kept full and the birds and squirrels and other critters are managing to make a living so that’s all that matters taken care of.

Next week we hope to present a round-up of January’s garden events, such as they are … meanwhile we can only suggest you head over to the photography section of the journal, pour yourselves a reviving cup of tea, and see what our world has looked like since last weekend.