It’s a glorious day today so we took the chance for a long walk along the back trails in the Morgan Arboretum ( ……. it has certainly been a good year for the White-breasted Nuthatches. We generally see one or two on a walk in the arbo but today there were at least 8 we saw and several others calling in the background – even taking food off the ground in a couple of instances which is quite unusual for this clambering species.

A large flock of Am. Crows were giving a Coopers Hawk a hard time but later settled down to whittling at each other in the tree tops. How many Crows do you have to have before you have a “parliament” of them?

The usual flocks of BCChickadees were wandering through the trees and there were Downy Woodpeckers and a single RBNuthatch as well. Nothing exciting, but enough to make the walk interesting as well as invigorating.