I was trying to explain to a young colleague this morning that the reason I had made some particular decision was because I’m verging on becoming an old geezer and it was the sort of thing that old geezers do … I was in full flow and the French was more couramment than usual when I came up against “old geezer” and realised that I had no idea what the gallic phrase for that was although I was sure that Quebec has such people.  In fact I know it does.   Anyway, I sputtered to a halt and wandered off to find a large edition of Robert where I discovered that they were suggesting “vieux schnok” which roughly translates as ‘old blockhead’.  That can’t be up to date vernacular, I thought (nor can it be in any way apposite when applied to me) so I asked around my francophone chums and eventually it was decided that a geezer, as closely as they could define it, is an “emmerdeur” … or, literally, a pain in the neck.

Oui, c’est moi.