Yesterday there was a lot of freezing rain falling and coating the world in sparkly ice. Being sensible people we stayed indoors, exercised in the basement, and ventured forth this morning to see the world glittering. Freezing rain is a pain, and potentially dangerous, for anyone who has no options but to go out in it, of course, but for us it’s nice … every now and again.

We spent a while exploring empty trails close to home … and here are some pictures to entrance you. We are always impressed by the way ice clings to the dried flower/seed heads of the previous summer’s plants. We were accompanied on our walk by a (rareish around here) Red-bellied Woodpecker, severe White-throated Sparrows, Calling Ravens (three at least) some 15 other species. A delightful walk in the winter .

Note: this ice fall came exactly 25 years to the day after the infamous 1998 ice storm that wiped out electricity supply to much of the Montreal area, for some people for periods of several weeks as major transmission lines collapsed under the weight of ice. Nothing like that this time – thanks goodness but an anniversary to mark. That ice storm and power outage happened just a few days after I had accepted a job in Montreal and handed in my notice in the UK … we did wonder what on earth we had done but have no regrets now, none at all.