Things are starting to move ……. within an hour of the hummingbird feeder being installed it was visited regularly by (the only hummer, other than four-wheeled monsters, we get up here) a number of Ruby-throated Hummingbirds.

The last week or so have seen regular incursions by small to large flocks of White-crowned Sparrows in their cycling helmets and White-throated Sparrows with their yellow spots and cheery calls. The Blue Jays have been very active after not visiting us for quite some time and Mr Northern Cardinal is busily feeding tit-bits of seed to Mrs. C – so soon we will have the pleasure of all the little baby Cs coming to the feeders. The House Sparrows have set up in one of our boxes ……. I know, we shouldn’t encourage them but they are the nicest bird on the planet – have I said that before?

Two days ago Jean got a “soul satisfying look” at a Nashville Warbler that had paused for a short break in the garden pool and waterfall area. The first of many warblers we hope in the next few weeks.

White-crowned Sparrow in its cycling helmet