Along with everywhere else in the east it seems to have rained ceaselessly for the last week – the Red-winged Blackbirds, whom one thinks of as being a marshland species are all well at home in the marsh the garden is rapidly turning into and are scarfing down seeds from the peanut feeder tower in particular.

This morning at breakfast the light was blotted out by a Ruby-throated Hummingbird who had decided that he needed to come in and get dry …… he skeetered across the glass of the (large) window for quite some time before realising he’d made a mistake. Quite strange.

Yesterday the Montreal Bird Observatory (5 minutes away) announced the best day yet for warbler arrivals and had around 70 species – not all warblers of course – for the day. If this rain ever stops we hope to get out and see some for ourselves over the long weekend. The mosquitoes will be glad to see us anyway.