House Wren

Troglodytes aegon – the commoner of the two Wrens around here.

We also have Troglodytes troglodytes, the Winter Wren, which is the same species as the European Wren called simply “Wren” over there. rather less commonly seen and this isn’t it.

Deep in the Forest

An old hut in the denser corners of the Morgan Arboretum looked particularly good in this lighting

Chipping Sparrow

One of the commonest of our Sparrows, collecting nesting materila on a hot summer’s morning

Summer Flowers

Meadow buttercups. common vetch … and a bee

Gray Catbird and American Goldfinch bathing

Saturday was VERY hot and these two birds, joined at the end by an American Robin, needed to cool off in the garden

(28 seconds) * You can watch the video full screen by clicking the icon bottom right of the YouTube player