We haven’t posted much lately because of the work we have been having done about the house, of which more later.  However, today is a bit more relaxing so here are some update images of recent activities in the vicinity… First of all.  There are some glorious Dahlias just coming into flower:

A young Vireo perched on top of this flower at breakfast time – some indication of its size

There are several families of young Chickadees that give us a lot of amusement … here they are learning about peanuts.

The Yucca filimentosa is flowering again – very hardy and more flowers each year.

Now the obligatory image from the arboretum – today is up in the 30s and there were almost no mozzies … had a lot of pleasure watching a family 9mum, dad and kids) of Indigo Buntings in the edge of the forest near to the Sugar Shack.

OK – so we had the house painted and re-arranged the furniture …