Temperatures have been up and down like a yo-yo recently and after a bit of snow last night this morning was one of the warmer times so the snow was giving off “snow mist” with a white hazy fog amongst the trees when we went out to see birds.

A late lurking Tufted Titmouse was briefly seen but we had better views of two Red-tailed Hawks. One sat in a tree and posed beautifully while the second flew in circles before landing in the lower branches of a tree that held over 100 European Starlings … they didn’t seem unduly concerned and the Hawk sat there puzzling whether it was worth chasing any for a snack. As we were leaving, an hour or so later, there was a fine Starling murmuration – possibly initiated by the Hawks.

Along the trail, this being an area that domestic dogs do not enter, we followed along after a Coyote. There’s a photo below with a size 9 footprint beside it for scale.