Today we had a pair of electricians working in the house installing a new bit of wiring. Making a hole in the wall of the downstairs hall they found, and removed, “insulation” from between the joists. Insulation from the original date of the house building in fact that was comprised of old newspapers.

Yes, you are right, fire risk. That’s fixed.

These were piles of shredded pages from newspapers dated 1957 and one from 1986 that must have been added at some time … in other words, within my lifetime. My, oh my, how attitudes have changed. Here are three examples that were readable in their entirety. It’s clear that back then people lived on a different planet to the one we enjoy today … than heavens we don’t still think like these Neanderthals did.

Exhibit #1: Emoting Women (1957)

Would you feel happy (or safe) in 2019 saying in print that women are ruled by their emotions and hence not to be taken that seriously? Seems this was just fine in 1957.

Exhibit #2: Women Wearing Shorts (1957)

Women had to be really brave to walk about in public in shorts (and men could be reprimanded by the police for having their shirts unbuttoned).

After all, “Young women are supposed to wear dresses. It helps to assert their femininity”.

Exhibit #3: “Well, they aren’t normal, are they?” (1986)

This was the one that really shocked me. I find it hard to believe that people really held such views just three decades ago – thank goodness we have turned that particular corner.

“I believe my rights should be respected as much as the person in the wheelchair – maybe even more so, because I am normal and she is not“.