An unseasonably warm day today with melt water everywhere and only the sun making things pleasant ……… March is indeed the “mucky month”.

The good birding news, however, was the presence of three Common Grackles at our feeders mid afternoon. Those are the first spring returnees – we are encouraged. They started arriving in odd ones and twos and then by mid afternoon we had a flock of 15-20. Beautiful sight.

Unaccountably, many people detest Grackles but they have their good points …….. not just because they are one of the first spring birds we see returning north, bit also because they are just very handsome with their bright, miss-nothing eyes and their glossy purple heads.

A good garden list today also included our stick-around new friends the Carolina Wrens as well as another first for the year, a brief glimpse of a Northern Flicker.