One year ago we had planned to spend a weekend away to celebrate our 50th anniversary but covid meant it all had to be cancelled at the last minute – quite a disappointment.

A couple of golden oldies

Good things come to he/she who waits however and we have just celebrated out 50+1 anniversary, a year late … plus, this year the date coincided with Canadian Thanksgiving and also peak fall leaf colour. Golden colours for a golden celebration.

We stayed at the biggest log cabin in the world (Chateau MontebelloLINK) and spent much of the day enjoying the colour and wildlife in nearby Parc National de Plaisance (LINK).

We had been to Parc de Plaisance some years ago. It’s mostly marshland and very species-rich. A few years back there was extensive flooding along the river which destroyed many of the boardwalks and made access somewhat limited. This is a Quebec national park and the government came up with lots of cash that paid for two new “boardwalks” and bridges. There is one in particular, quite amazing, that runs out into the marshland and which instead of vulnerable timber is made of metal and uses the principle of floating boat docks – it will rise and fall with the water if ever there is another flood and be unaffected. The other was a spanking new and shiny cedar bridge over a different marsh area – craftsmanship and built to last. Would that other places we visit could have such facilities.

Anyway … you came here for the photographs – Quebec in the Fall. Click any image to open a slide show with captions.