After the big dump on NYD that made Bigbyday #1 hard going (a grand total of eight species, I think while reports from one or two of the people doing this in California, for example, have ranged past a hundred for the day) the days have turned very bright, very sunny and intensely cold which has brought a few birds to the feeders that have been foraging elsewhere recently… however, in a couple of days the temperature is set to go from minus 25 degC to plus 10 and heaven only knows what that is going to do to the tickable bird population. Truly bizarre. Either way, it’s a slow start to the birding year now that we are trying to do it without getting the car out … there’s a gorgeous adult male Snowy Owl just twenty minutes drive away and I am sorely, sorely tempted.

This Bigby thing is going from strength to strength – I think that signed-up participants now number 135 or thereabouts and names are still coming in while the bulletin board I set up for them has 90-some registered users and is being pretty actively used. It looks as if the idea of green birding has struck a chord in some quarters at least and it’s going to be very interesting seeing where this eventually leads. I have ideas of where I would like it to go but I am being good and have so far avoided posting my thoughts on the board while I wait and see what others come up with. Those who know me well will realise what a hardship this is. A Vermont radio station wants to do an interview in a few days too – a media star in the making? I don’t think so, but it may help to spread the word, for all that.