” … how about you, you, you?”

The snow has almost all gone, the sun was shining, it was cool enough to keep the crowds down and there was a major birthday being celebrated so we celebrated by going to the zoo.

Not just any zoo – this is a zoo about ten minutes away from home which is owned and run by the St-Lawrence Valley Natural History Society. It’s not one of those sometimes controversial profit-making zoos full of somewhat sad creatures where animals have been taken from the wild for showing off to the paying public, but an educational and conservation resource (thousands of children pass through the doors every year to learn important things) To quote from their website “The animals that reside at the Ecomuseum Zoo are all animals that could not survive in their natural environment. Most of our animals are here because they have injuries that would prevent them from surviving in the wild (i.e. they are unable to escape a predator or to eat on their own). All our animals come from accredited rehabilitation centers and zoological institutions. The Ecomuseum Zoo is also a refuge for orphaned wildlife and other wild animals born under human care. In these cases the animals have not acquired the knowledge or learned the behaviours necessary for their survival in the wild, so we offer them protection against predators, food, care and lots of love!”So, should you visit (and you really should) all the animals that you will see are species that live wild in this part of the world. Lions and camels are nowhere to be seen.

You can find out about them at this link:  https://zooecomuseum.ca/en

Anyway, you go to the zoo the see and learn about animals, so here are some pictures of some of the animals that we saw this morning.  There are plenty more awaiting your visit.  This post is scheduled to go live on Easter Sunday morning. The sun is going to be shining – what better day to go and look at the bears?

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The Ecomuseum Zoo is proud to be a member of the Canadian Accredited Zoos and Aquariums (CAZA), an organization that advocates for the welfare of animals and promotes education, conservation and scientific research.

Visitors to the Ecomuseum Zoo support a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote a better understanding and excellent management of our ecosystems by these three means.

** Declaration of Personal Interest

I’d better explain at this point that I have a lot of bias in favour of the Ecomuseum Zoo as I am on the Board of Directors of the St-Lawrence Valley Natural History Society. Trust me, they are doing good things and, you know me, I wouldn’t work with any organisation that was not.