The only thing left to do now is to go out to the butchers tomorrow to collect the fatted duck for dinner … you see, there are many aspects to birding and eating the things is very enjoyable.

However, what you are asking is “Bigbying”? It’s a green way to do a Big Year and you can learn all that you need to know about it, and hopefully join in, by going to the Bigby web page at … this bright idea of mine (which, to be honest, I picked up and enlarged upon), that I originally thought might interest a couple of Montreal friends has taken off and now there are Bigbyists all over North America and soon, we hope, on other continents as well.

Which brings us to winter and birding … the Pileated Woodpecker spent a good 2 hours or more hacking away at the Catalpa tree again around mid-day today :

He let me get really close … ust be lots of good food in that tree … as you can see from the next picture, he was excavating very deep –

… but enough of birding for now. J has produced probably the best show ever of Paper-white Narcissi for the holiday, aided by careful selection of cheap bulbs and putting alcohol in the water (really – ask her about it):

While in the garden, the icicles are getting ever longer and “the aliens have landed” –

“Take me to your leader … Exterminate, Exterminate”