A fascinating article in the on-line New York Times today …


This is probably hard-core geek thought for biologists, but a behavioural scientist has been trying to define “what is a behaviour” on the grounds that if you can’t define it you can’t study it.  Despite journals and departments galore studying this field he discovered thta there is no agreement on the definition, let alone anybody who had even thought to get ti sorted.  After all, everyone ‘knows” what a behavour is, don’t they?  Well, no as it happens.  Geeky, but very interesting.

Now, some Geezer stuff … Quote :

A young man is sitting next to a man of advanced years, watching a football match. He turns to him during half-time and says in a patronising manner, “You know, I feel sad for people like you. You didn’t grow up with computers, mobile phones, TV, fast cars, jet airliners and stuff. Life must have been pretty dull when you were young.”

The septuagenarian turns slowly and looks the lad in the eye.

“You’re right. We didn’t have those things in my day. So we sat down and INVENTED THEM. So tell me, Sonny Jim, what have YOU done to change the world?”