I haven’t posted much on matters horticultural for a while so here is an important update … the garlic crop has come in and we are going to be well supplied for some months ahead.

We had tried garlic growing several times in the past but never succeeded in England and so put our efforts into other crops here in Canada until we learned that in the climate here you can plant the bulbs in the autumn, let them overwinter in the ground and all will be well.  not at all the technique I had learned before but nothing ventured and so last October I cleared a patch and planted a few … and lo, we have garlic.  Big fresh heads of tasty garlic too, none of the bland imported stuff from China that they sell in the supermarkets.

It’s curious that this was not a success in the UK – we had a huge vegetable garden, were almost self-sufficient in fruit and veg and won prizes at the village show with our onions so it wasn’t for lack of a green finger, but for whatever reason garlic didn’t like us.