Hard to believe that it snowed here less than a week ago, but today spring arrived with a rush and temperatures in the reasonable 20s …….. and the first daffodils opened to accompany the arrival of bird number 26 for this year’s garden list – Golden-crowned Kinglets

by the way – note, in the picture above, the beautiful new 30-year roof that was installed one week ago today … that should see us out, or at least well on the way.

Of course, with the nice weather comes the imperative to get down on hands and knees and start working – no rest for real gardeners:

A week later than last year we got the pump installed in the pond and the cascade doing its stuff – this is guaranteed to act as a magnet for migrating warblers etc over the next month or so

… and the patches of crocuses are spreading year by year

So – there is more to life than birds (sometimes). Such a shame I am back-up pathologist at the lab this weekend and have already been in twice today.