Big changes n the garden this week.  There were some very high winds recently and tress fell – not ours, but plenty in the neighbourhood.  Enough to make us look at our Butternut which is not what it was a dozen years ago and we cane to the conclusion that it had run its course and was on the way to splitting with cracks and rot … so, at not inconsiderable expense we had it taken down.  At the same time we realised that one of the Blue Spruce trees by the garage had disease too and when weeding activities aorund its base revealed rotten roots that went as well.  A great shame, especially the Butternut but trees don’t last for ever.

The Butternut will be replaced in a  few days by a Sour Cherry tree – the birds will like that and maybe they will leave some fruit for us – and the Spruce gives way to a Russian Olive tree.

Some of the Butternut “lives on” in the guise of additions to our back corner stumpery where structures have been created to attract insects and to shelter critters in the winter.

Of course, all this activity and heavy machinery (stump grinding) has not improved the lawn and there will now be some design changes as there is more light getting in.  This is fun.

Heidi Cap peopny - a new and very choice addition

Iris of unknown name but gorgeous colours

Robin drying off after the pond

Northern Flicker

Wasp doing some pollinating

Blue Jay