breadzillaThis journal set out with the intention of being mostly about birds and wildlife in general but cooking and sharing great meals is also high on our list of essentials and that means fresh ingredients and making meals from scratch … none of that dreadful prepared stuff in a foil packet from the supermarket.  Yes, we possess a microwave – and very handy it is for melting butter and thawing bread. Bread that has been home-baked that is of course, baked by the Breadzilla Sourdough home Bakery.

So, on occasion a little food talk may enter the postings … worse things could happen.

The main focus, when we do get into food, is bread – and especially sour-dough bread which we discovered when a good friend from just over the border in upstate NY let us have a portion of her sourdough plant.  This collection of tasty and active yeasts and bacteria is thriving in Canada … from time to time the odd recipe might be posted too.

Bread is not the only off-topic topic either, before we ever got into serious birding we were gardeners –  we originated in England so it’s more or less in our genes of course.  Our suburban garden is full of trees, shrubs, a pond and cascade plus bird feeders and we manage it not just to look like a proper garden (we are mild plantaholics) but mostly to attract birds throughout the year.