Another glorious early spring day with temperatures in the low 20s kept us in the garden and not on the Bigby trail … however, we will start with some bird pictures because we like any sort of bird:

A Robin (ie: in truth it’s an American Red-breasted Thrush)

… but a smart bird for all that, even if he is an imposter.

Meanwhile, on the gardening side of things we found the first Sanguinaria of the year

The first Daffodill

… and some Magnolia buds that are going to give quite a show in a short while:

It’s not all smelling the roses though … at this time of the year there is serious work to be done and every garden needs to have a work-corner:

The main task was cleaning out the pond and getting the pump reinstalled to power the waterfall.. This pond has been in place for almost ten years and this is the first time we have had to pump out the water and give it a thorough cleaning, normally it is self-maintaining but there was a terrible accumulation of rotton leaves from last year that required attention:

Gardening is good … and not just for people. I have been experimenting and have finally discovered how to insert short videos into my posts. they won’t occur very often, but as the snow has gone and the cats are at last allowed out into the open air again you may enjoy this … the patch of turf being disputed is the dried remains of last year’s catnip plantation which has yet to start showing new growth but obviously smells good – just click the link below (you will need to use the back button of your browser to return here afterwards) and don’t forget to switch on your loudspeakers.

Video – Cats in the garden