Another collection of images from the past week.  This really is a June to wonder over – never seen such lush growth nor excellent flowers before … at last all those years of planting are beginning to mature and pay off.

As some readers will have noticed, most of these pictures also appear on Facebook which gives easy access but does rather limit ones ability to add comments and file for the future.  In addition to producing the flowers and shrubs there is a lot of work that has to be done simply heaving things around – for example, today a new bed had to be dug and manured ready to receive a superfluity of dahlias (J has been productive) and there are three big, split hostas in buckets waiting for holes to be dug once we decide where they should go.  Also we have a pipe taking drainage water below the front drive – its end are blocked by large stones and maple trees are constantly trying to take root there … in fact, three have taken root and despite being savagely cut back every year (today, for example) they come back again and again.  Can’t dig the roots out because they are so embedded in the ditch stones.  Gardening is not all smelling the roses !