A gardening post this time – no birds other than a note that the garden is suddenly full of apprentice Woodpeckers, Chickadees and Grackles plus innumerable Song Sparrows let out by their mums to learn how to be big birds.

Suddenly it’s real summer – have just picked some early gooseberries, there will be baskets full of blackcurrents in the next week or so and Friday we had the first “new’ potatoes from the garden, than which few things taste better. It has always been a puzzlement to us that it seems impossible to buy genuine new potatoes in North American stores. A unique taste which people would pay for – they do in Europe and I’m sure they would here given the opportunity but all you can get are small or large red or white or yellow when it comes to potato varieties. Here in Quebec we can buy grelots which are as close to new pots as are sold but, nice as they are, they aren’t the real thing … and so this year’s decision to replace the tomato bed with spuds is beginning to pay off.