It’s kenauk time again … and this is almost better than birds.

A few days ago, taking my usual short birthday break (sixty this time!) fishing in the backwoods, J and I were drifting over a small trouty lake when we realised the water was full of little, dollar-sized, jellyfish.

“A’int no such thing we muttered” but using a rapidly emptied fly-box, J scooped a few out – see picture below – and when we got home a bit of checking revealed that in fact there is just one such species.  it is pretty rare to see them as almost all the time they exist in another form fixed to rocks or birds feet (means of transmission between lakes) and seeing them in the recognisable medusa form is pretty rare.  The species is Craspedacusta sowerbii

Read more about them at

Faithful readers will all be aware that Kenauk is a magical wildlife reserve only 90 minutes from Montreal that is full of lakes and forests and bears and moose and other good things … good for the soul.  here are a few images from this year’s visit:

This is a fairly typical piece of the forest … we had been told that this particular lake was “not fishing well” and discovered why when we got there as two large and annoyed Otters sat with heads out of the water telling us expletive-off away from their lake.

A beautiful morning mist surrounds the cabin

Up above the dock where the previous picture was taken was this huge Hornet nest … made me very careful indeed about my back-cast!

Mother Loon and youngster

Northern Flicker

The largest clump of Pitcher Plants we have seen yet.  Anything to keep the mozzies down.

Birch leaf after the rain

Spider web at the lakeshore

… and no visit would be complete without our friends, the Beavers