The Great-crested Flycatcher gang were back in the garden yesterday making a racket and zipping around.  There are three of them this week 9there have been four) and they concentrated on the fruit-heavy Pagoda Dogwood tree and later moved to the trees over the pond where they were clearly taking insects … the rest of the mozzies, realising they were around, moved to join us on the deck where they only had badly aimed swats to contend with rather than professional killers.

The Dog-day Harvest Flies are also aorund now making a racket in the hot evenings.  below is a picture of one of these huge beasts that was freshly emerged from its juvenile stage and was slowly crawling up one the trees.

Great-crested Flycatcher

GCFL from the rear showing its terracotta tail feathers

Now we have an action sequence …. firts is a Flycatcher sitting in the dogwood, coyly hiding its face:

When suddenly, a Robin crash-landed on its head …

Wasn`t that funÉ

We were also visited by a juvenile (it`s brown) Yellow-bellied Sapsucker:

Lastly, the Dog-day Harvest Fly:

To get an idea of how big these chaps are , take a look at the last image: