After a couple of hot days around and in the newly refurbished garden pond with its up-sized waterfall we were wondering which birds would be the first to make use of their four-star facilities. It was going to be improbable that it would be a warbler or anything rare and interesting as the spring migration wave passed through a couple of weeks ago but … one always wonders, and waits for the southbound migration in the fall.

Early in the morning I thought it was going to be an American Robin as one was flying back and forth, clearly checking out the situation. But then, silly bird, it tried to land on what it thought was the old river-stone “beach” but which is now three or four inches under water. There was a great flurry and a shaking as it rose, affronted, into the air – we knew he’d be back though. Of all the birds, the Robins are the ones who most enjoy bathing … and indeed, the next day the Robins arrived and made use of the shallower pool we created at the very top of the cascade.

And so, the question was settled.

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